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An open-source micro-services platform.

Pure and simple

ClearConnect is 100% Java with no dependency on any 3rd party libraries.

Discovery and connectivity

ClearConnect allows data services to be connected without configuration or restart.

Real-time data distribution

ClearConnect sends data changes in real-time.

Remote procedure calls

ClearConnect has RPC mechanisms to make service functionality easily accessible.

Built-in resilience

ClearConnect supports both fault tolerant and load balanced data services.

Real-time metrics

ClearConnect has performance metrics that report the status of running services.

Benefits of ClearConnect

Performance - a simple design for speed

performance A ClearConnect service can publish in excess of 12,000 data changes per second with a round-trip-delay (excluding network latency) of 400us*.

*average message size 275 bytes, Intel Coreā„¢ i3@2.5Ghz

Resilience - adapt to changing conditions

resilienceClearConnect responds to failures in data integrity, service availability and network connections in an automated and seamless manner. Services on the platform re-synchronise with each other after any connection disruption.

Growth - technology to enable growth

growthClearConnect scales natively as more data is added; a typical platform service can easily handle 12,000 changing datasets and continue to share data changes with other platform services in real-time.

Precision - technical efficiency from precise engineering

precisionClearConnect has been designed from the ground-up to be class leading in every discipline; network protocol handling, threading, data modelling, service management. All have been engineered with the highest design principles backed by decades of experience.

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