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ClearConnect High Availability

07 August 2015

For the purposes of this demo which is based on the subway scenario, there is a SmartcardService that reads smartcards. It does this via an RPC that is initiated from a SmartcardClient, the app running on the barrier that scans your smartcard when you enter and exit the subway. The SmartcardService publishes a record that contains a the number of smartcard reads per barrier and in total.

smartcard scenario

Here a PlatformKernel is started, this has the Registry and the ConfigService. The PlatformDesktop is used to show how the system is behaving. The PlatformDesktop is part of the tooling that comes with ClearConnect, it provides a transparent view of ClearConnect services and clients for development and support.

In the video, 3 aspects of high availability are shown:

  • Services running in fault tolerant mode
  • Services running in load balanced mode
  • PlatformKernal is stopped leaving connected services/clients unaffected


The Code

Use the button on the right to download the code that was used for this demo.

Fimtra - post author

Fimtra is an organisation that specialises in writing real-time, distributed software using innovative solutions. Fimtra's core framework is ClearConnect.